It is the goal of REDD Driving School to teach safe driving practices to each student.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office charges a fee of $20 for the Instruction Permit, which is collected at the time of application. The student is expected to obtain this permit from a Driver’s Licensing Facility before they can be scheduled to receive behind-the-wheel instruction.

A student is only allowed to obtain the permit while enrolled in a certified driver training course. The Secretary of State will revoke the permit if the training course is not completed.

Every effort should be made to ensure that the student arrives before class starts. Optimally, REDD. Driving School recommends a 10 minutes early arrival time. A student may enter class up to 5 minutes late. After 5 minutes tardiness, the student is counted as late. Three late arrivals will necessitate attending another class to fulfill the requirements. There are no exceptions made, so there is no need to phone to say the student will be tardy or absent.

It is expected that students will be picked up in a timely fashion.

Parent consent is necessary for a student to leave class early.

Electronic Devices

NO CELL PHONES or ELECTRONIC LISTENING DEVICES are allowed to be on at any time in the classroom or the Driver’s Training vehicle. The first violation of phones or electronic listening devices (iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player, etc.) that are not TURNED OFF (not silent, not vibrate, not mute, etc., but OFF) while in the classroom or the vehicle, the phone or devise will be taken by the instructor and can be picked-up by a parent at the office during normal business hours. The second violation will result in the student being removed permanently from the course and any future REDD Driving School services.

Any student who defaces any assigned book, furniture or walls will be fined. All fines must be paid before the school will certify the student.

Disorderly conduct, improper attire, boisterousness or disrespect may result in warning and/or expulsion from the school. Fighting will result in automatic expulsion.

Completion and Certificates

The REDD Driving School Certificate of Course Completion, is provided to the student only after all requirements are met, tuition and fees are paid and all books and materials are returned in excellent condition. The student can expect to receive their Certificate of Course Completion within 2-weeks after the last day of class.

Students who receive a citation for traffic violations during behind-the-wheel sessions must pay their own fines.